A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Retro Sci-Fi Adventure

In INFESTED you must find your way through an infested space ship and discover a way to escape by using the resources and environment around you.

Control your character by selecting various actions at the bottom of the screen and manage items you have picked up along the way in your personal inventory on the right hand side of the screen. You are also provided with a navigation tool in the bottom left that will indicate the directions in which you can move.

Along your journey you will encounter hazards and creatures that will kill you if given the chance. If you die, it's not the end, it is all just part of discovering the hazards that this game has to offer and you will simply start from the previous screen. Learn from your mistakes and trial and error to discover the solution to the puzzles put before you.

If you become stuck, don't be afraid to use your items in various ways. Be sure to examine your surroundings to get clues to help you along the way. It's all about making your way to the end of your journey one step at a time.

INFESTED is a point and click game in the style of NES Classics Shadowgate (1987), Déjà Vu (1990), and Uninvited (1991) which were developed by ICOM Simulations Inc. and published by KEMCO Corp.


Use the mouse and keyboard to control the game. All game actions are performed with mouse clicks on the UI and the game room.

Left Click - Select Action / Perform Action

Right Click - Clear current action

ESCAPE - Pause Menu

SPACEBAR - dismiss dialogue box

Action shortcuts:

Exam, Take, Move, Use, Open


Design / Story / Art - Jeff Canam ( @GrahfMetal )

Music - Orie Falconer ( @OFalconer )

Programming - Jason Canam (Warmhat) ( @JasonCanam )

Created using Game Maker: Studio

System Requirements

Win - Windows XP (or higher), DirectX 9

Mac - OSX 10.6 or later

Install instructions

Windows - run the installer

Mac - unzip and run the app


Infested - Windows (42 MB)
Infested - Mac OS X (41 MB)


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I really liked this game.

Are you still working on Spirit Quest?

Thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I am still working on Spirit Quest. Unfortunately I can't give you any sort of estimate on it's completion/release at this time :(

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Hey guys! I played your game on my Twitch stream a few nights back. Here is a YouTube video of the gameplay. Please feel free to use portions of the video any way you like: https://youtu.be/qd4bbJpWj0Q

Thanks for making this game. It was really good.


This was very fun the watch. Thank you so much

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This takes me back to the good 'ol NES days. Thanks for this game. It's fantastic.


Thanks for playing!


Here is part 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFSA1NtRNx0

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Good stuff, this is awesome!


Had a wonderful time playing this all morning after reading about it in PCG. Loved the music, the art, the whole vibe. Even the frustration felt kind of good, that little tingle that brought me back to adventure game classics. I'm working on a space game in Twine, and it was really inspiring to see a finished quality piece. Thanks for the work, look forward to playing anything else from you!

Well thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's always good to hear people finding that nostalgic vibe playing it. That truly makes it all worth while


Put up the first video in a series for this game - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSX6n59Bcf8


I LOVE your game. I am a huge fan of Shadowgate, Deja vu and Uninvited and it has always saden me that Kemco never did more games in the same style.

But you guys were really spot on with your game! All from story to puzzelsolving to the music. It really FEELS like the others and I am so impressed!

I really hope you are considering trying to do more adventures in this style with the same theme or other themes.

So thank you for this game and the oppertunity to feel the same rush of nostalgia and excitement as while playing the others!

Keep on rocking! ^-^

Thank you so much for your kind words. It really makes us happy when players get a sense of nostalgia playing Infested. Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for playing.


I had fond memories of Shadow Gate, but never played the others, nicely done, you captured it pretty well.

Thank you, I appreciate it. Deja-Vu and Uninvited are definitely worth checking out. They're not as memorable as Shadowgate but they're really fun. Uninvited is more or less Shadowgate but in a modern setting whereas Deja-Vu has some really interesting mechanics that make it stand out.


I thoroughly enjoyed the game, so thanks for making it! It definitely reminded me of Shadowgate, one of my all-time favourite games.

The only part in the game I found frustrating was adding the chemicals to the water supply--it'd be helpful if it was more descriptive rather than simply beeping when the chemical combination wasn't correct.

There appeared to be a bug involving the space suit and boots and the outer door; I was able to safely open the door without having them in my inventory after loading a previous save where I hadn't yet collected them. By the way, you'd get blown out into space--not sucked.

Anyway, fantastic work! Thanks so much.

Thank you for the feedback, it's really appreciated. In the immortal words of Lt. Commander Data "Blown out, not sucked out in to space. A common misconception" ;) You're absolutely right. I'm very glad you enjoyed. bringing back nostalgia for Shadowgate was the whole purpose of making this game and it's always good to hear that it reminds players of that. As for the water supply chemical puzzle; there actually is a way to find the combination through examination of previously discovered elements on the ship. The reason for the "guessing game" was to be more lenient. As for the space suit glitch; thank you for the detailed description as that helps with our improvements.


I did identify the chemical combination in the manner you had intended. I just mean before that happened, I found the water mixing system unintuitive. From what I recall, after randomly adding a few chemicals and then examining the system it would say something like "the chemicals are mixed and now you just have to run it," and then pressing the button would just cause a beeping sound. But regardless I loved the game, so thanks again!

Sorry, I missunderstood what you meant at first. I fully understand now. You're very welcome for the game and thanks again for the awesome feedback.


Just discovered this game (featured in PC Gamer in the UK), enjoyable, a little frustrating at times, though I assume that's to go without saying with these types of games. Might have discovered a bug, was wearing the space suit and boots, but was still sucked out into space (I'd saved the game, so don't know if something happened there). Might be worth mentioning that you're wearing the suit as well if you examine yourself?

Yeah, the frustration is kinda part of the nostalgia ;)

Someone else reported that bug as well. Thanks for reporting it so we know it wasn't an isolated incident. As for the Examining Self to see you are wearing the suit; that is a very good point, We'll definitely keep that in mind. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks again for the feedback :)


Very enjoyable game. Frustrating at points, but not bad enough to make me quit. Can tell a lot of love and passion went into creating this. Graphics and user interface are surprisingly good considering it's a pretty old design. Really surprised it's free, it's more polished and better designed than a lot of other indie games I've actually bought here and on Steam.

I will gripe about the installer though, almost put me off from playing it. Much preferable to just have it in a zip and include the dxwebsetup.exe for like the 0.01% people who don't already have it installed. Installers are unnecessary almost all the time and just fill my computer up with junk or try to install things without asking...

Sorry, pet peeve of mine. Anyways, good work on the game and kudos to the music guy as well. The soundtrack contributed very well to the nostalgia the rest of the game delivers so well. Interested in seeing what you guys come up with next.

Total fair point about the installer, we'll look into having a tighter/neater package next time (e.g. no installer).

Glad you liked it overall, glad you appreciated the polish! Thx for playing.


Is there a way to play this game windowed? I sometimes chat with friends when I'm playing games, and since this game runs on full screen, I have to alt-tab in order to keep chatting. :<

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Unfortunately, we didn't put in an option for windowed-mode. If we update the game, we'll look into adding it in. But, it will definitely be an option in the next game!


Okay. That's good to know! It's a bit disappointing that I can't play this in windowed mode, but it's still a very fun game and a blast from the past.


I just finished playing this game and I really enjoyed it! I have been waiting for a nes styled adventure game in the vein of Shadowgate, Deja Vu, and Uninvited for a long time. Thank you, Grahfmetal, for making a successor that retains the look and feel of the 3 games. I also have to say the story of this game is very similar to the japanese adventure game 'Tale of the Dreadful Bio Monster,' anyone ever play that one?

Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've never heard of 'Tale of the Dreadful Bio Monster' so I did a quick search and I gotta say it looks really cool. I'll have to look it up in more detail. Judging by some of the screen shots it looks like it was translated too...you've peaked my interest. Thanks!


If you do end up playing it, the only warning I have about the game is that it has some annoying sound effects, otherwise let me know what you think of the game if you do end up playing it through. It shares similarities with this game concept and story wise.


I've recorded a commentary-free longplay video of Infested and posted it to my YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/AkDBlXp6U28

Awesome! You covered all of the puzzles and little details throughout. We really appreciate that!

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Has anyone taken the time to throw together a spoiler-free hint book for this game? I have the space suit, but can't figure out what to do with the portable cryptographic device, nor do I know how to get rid of the slime creature. He seems to be blocking the only door that provides access to the outside of the space station. What am I missing?


Derr. Figured out what the carbon rock is for. I thought that the space suit and magnetic boots would anchor me, why did I still get sucked out into space?


I started the game completely over and this time the magnetic boots worked like they were supposed to. You guys did an awesome job on this game! Even the official Shadowgate remake failed to evoke the same nostalgia as your game. I hope you make another one like this, only longer!

Thanks for persevering! Sorry about the boots issue, we'll take a close look to see if it's a bug. Very honored that you enjoyed it as much as you did!


I completely agree with the comparison of this with that official Shadowgate remake--Infested felt much more like Shadowgate to me than that remake.


Love it so far but I'm completely stuck now, I need to find either something to throw at the button or some way to make the crypto machine work. I feel like I have just overlooked the throwing item at some point but I can't find it anywhere

Thanks for the feedback. The throwing item is not in plain sight. It is hidden somewhere so...It's meant to be overlooked ;)


Check the floors in every hallway.


This got me too - everything else struck the perfect balance between challenging but sensible - 3 hours well spent, excellent game !!

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Very nice game. although sound slider will be nice.

Question, what the hell do i do with nutrient injector? i threw 3 chems into it, it says "chems has been added" but it doesn't let me press the button. :B

Edit: oh nvm, i needed to add some more. Awkwardly it just doesn't explain itself properly. probably should type "you feel you might want to add something else here" rather than "chems has been added, now just press the button".

Edit 2: Okay, yea, i've beaten it. Very nice. Took me around 1.5 hour. Feels nice. I would recommend you to play something like "robinson's requiem" as it kinda expanded onto such ideas of questing/puzzling survival quiet a lot.

I'll definitely check out 'Robinson's Requiem'. Thanks for all the feed back. The Nutrient Injector is vague because the clues as to specifically what needs to be added are given through another puzzle. I do, however, understand what you mean by "...it just doesn't explain itself properly". That's a good point.

Oh, and the sound slider is a very good idea too!


Cheers, m8. :)

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Very enjoyable! I haven't played any of the games cited as influence for this one, but if they're anything like Infested, I need to play them! I loved all the ways you can die (and of course, the fact that the game auto-saves just before your fatal mistake, thereby avoiding unnecessary frustration).

Thanks for making this great game free. I'll tell my friends about it.


By the way, I ended the game with several items in my inventory that I never used. Did I miss some secrets? Were they planned for sections that were cut from the final game? Or are they just there for flavour?


Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you haven't played the Kemco NES games than I cannot recommend them enough. 'Shadowgate' in particular is a masterpiece and my all time favorite puzzle game. Shadowgate is about 4x larger than Infested. I hope you do play it as well because Infested actually has five hidden references to Shadowgate ;).

As for the extra items; those are red herrings. Much like in the NES titles there are far more items in the game beyond those used to solve the puzzles. It's simply to throw you off and keep you guessing.


I want to deeply thank for bringing me WAY BACK into my youth of dying so many times from trying everything on evil things. This is so damn good that I even made a video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcAGPxk0Zxw


Infested is a pitch perfect hommage to Kemco NES classics Shadowgate, Uninvited, and Deja Vu in its gameplay, sound, art, and mood. All of the strengths - with updated design ideas and friendly user interface - no weaknesses. Fans of the Kemco classics will be in absolute heaven and want more, and new players will definitely see what the fuss is about. I couldn't have picked a better first game for my collection!

Very flattering. Thank you very much for your kind words.


Thanks for making the game!


I reviewed this game in my collection already, but I wanted to express my love of it again here. Infested is a love-letter to this style of game, while bringing new ideas and a PC/Mac-friendly interface that makes it a joy to play.

That means a LOT coming from you, Ben. Thanks :D