Update Notes for V1.1.1

Version 1.1.1 of Spectacle has been released!

Your save data will be preserved from v1.1.0, so if you delete the old folder & unzip this new one, you will be able to continue playing from your save point!

Thanks to all the players who played and gave some feedback. Here is a list of what's new:

  • Set the default window size to 3X on first-time play (if there's no save data)
  • Fixed some cases of missing text on EXAM interactions
  • Fixed a crash on an item interaction (using OPEN on the item TORN NOTE)
  • Fixed a small issue where the controller was unresponsive on the title screen
  • Fixed some spelling errors in the game text
  • Added Shortcut keys for playing in Keyboard/Mouse mode
    • 'E' for EXAM
    • 'T' for TAKE
    • 'M' for MOVE
    • 'U' for USE
    • 'O' for OPEN
    • 'K' for TALK
  • Added an Action Shortcut for Controller mode
    • Press 'X' (on an Xbox-style Controller) to toggle the current active Action
  • Updated the in-game Controls Menu to display these new inputs

Next Steps

We're working on a small hint website that will give some hints for the early parts of the game and will host the full game walkthrough for players to reference if they'd like.



GrahfMetal_Spectacle_v1_1_1.zip 185 MB
May 15, 2020



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I look foward to hint website, as I'm stock for now, but for the time bing I enjoy being stock, makes game more mysterious. Thanks for update.